Spreadsheet for Measuring Growth

Some of you have requested a spreadsheet that calculates your student growth between the pre-test and final exam. Here it is! This is possible because the pre-test and final exam are the exact same test in both VID1a and VID1b.
I use this data every year on my teacher evaluation, and it really makes my principal’s eyes open wide. I typically have 92% of my students achieve high growth. Georgia considers you an exemplary teacher if 90% of your students achieve high growth on an SLO or 65% of your students achieve high growth on a state assessed test. I need to be clear that Georgia only measures it’s own test scores, whereas we’re measuring Learner Power test growth. But it’s still exciting to be able to track data for your own classroom and report that data on your teacher evaluation. The Learner Power tests are professionally constructed and have been tested with thousands of students.
Here’s the spreadsheet. If you have trouble getting it to work then please share it with me and then I can help you troubleshoot it. Hooray for data!




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