November 2016 Site Updates

I’ve made some exciting updates to the VID1b website.

  • All Unit 7 tutorials are redesigned with a new format

  • After testing I’ll gradually convert everything into the new format

  • Please let me know about bugs in unit 7. I already know about the one where links to the next lesson open up in a window-within-a-window

Full update list
  • Changed the tilt clips for the U7 KC and test – the old clips had too subtle of a difference between tilt and pan. The new clips are more clearly tilt and can’t be confused as pedestal by students who know the difference

  • Added lots of additional sample videos to unit 7 modules, especially in U7b, u7c, and u7d. This helps students get the hang of recognizing the different shots. These new samples are also using a new, more interactive kind of slide intended for active learning

  • Added additional quiz questions throughout unit 7 tutorials to give students a chance to practice before taking the KC and test

  • Added more sample videos to U7 KC and test to give students additional practice at identifying shots

  • Students should get better scores now on the U7 test after all of this additional reinforcement

  • Added “PIP” option to list of available shots on U8b1 two-column news script template

New Lesson Template – 16 New Features!
  • Added “next lesson” and “previous lesson” feature to first and last page of every tutorial to make site navigation easier. This is the number one most requested feature. I still need to fix a bug where these links doesn’t work correctly

  • Simplified interface for a cleaner look

  • New interface is built on 100% HTML 5, which should make the tutorials compatible with all devices (including iOS) and with all web browsers

  • New interface has three aspect ratios that load dynamically based on device width and height, allowing the new lessons to work natively on mobile devices

  • New interface fixes the glitch that caused cell phone layout to be cut off on many lessons

  • New interface fixes the glitch that caused some pages to appear on top of each other on some devices and in some aspect ratios

  • New interface is standardized across all lesson types for greater consistency

  • Videos are now stored on YouTube for a dramatically lower server load, with an option to watch the original videos for schools where YouTube is blocked

  • YouTube videos are now close captioned for the hearing impaired, making the site handicapped accessible in accordance with section 508 for public education websites

  • More options for navigating within tutorials

  • Added left and right arrow keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation within tutorials

  • Standardized all tutorial screens for shorter screen time to eliminate built-in pauses on many lesson screens

  • Added feedback button to milestone page of every tutorial to make it easier for users to report glitches, omissions, and bugs

  • Standardized layout of all KC and test questions

  • Tweaked layout of knowledge checks and tests so that review feedback fits on the screen better

  • Fixed layouts on all 3 KC and test question screen layouts (for using on cell phones)

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