Month: May 2016

91% of Students Achieve High Growth

For the 2015-16 school year I had over a hundred students take the pre-test / final exam combinations in VID1a and VID1b. 91% of my┬ástudents achieved high growth from their pre-test to post-test score. Georgia defines high growth as a 45% gain between the pre-test and post-test. In Georgia’s teacher performance model a teacher is rated “exemplary” of 30% of students achieve high growth. So the 91% high growth I’m seeing is pretty amazing. Of course these numbers are coming from my own test, not an official Georgia test. But the tutorials and tests in the VID1a and VID1b websites are tightly aligned with Georgia standards. Students who complete these courses should perform well on any other test that measures understanding of the Georgia AVTF curriculum. The courses also integrate video standards from SkillsUSA, Certiport, and NOCTE. This means that students should perform well on┬áthese national credentialing tests as well.


VID1a and VID1b Beta Removed

I’ve removed the term “beta” from both semesters of the Video 1 website. They will remain free and available to any teachers who want to use them for the 2016-17 school year. I’m adding a “donate” button for those who wish to support this project. If usage goes way up then I don’t know what that will do to the web hosting plan. I can’t promise that I can afford high bandwidth costs for all of next year. But my goal is to keep it free for one year while I fine tune the sites. At some point in the future these materials will become a commercial product. But I won’t do that until they are fully tested and ready.

Video 1b Website is Ready

The VID1b website has all the necessary tutorials and tests. It’s still got a few glitches, so please email me if you find any. There are a series of tutorials for unit 3 that will remain under construction for some – but those tutorials will be optional and won’t be included in any tests. My students piloted all the materials this semester and had no problems. The final exam works as expected, and is producing the same kind of high student growth scores as the VID1a final exam.