95% of Students Achieve High Growth

Starting this school year (2014-15) I implemented a pre and post test for Video 1a. So far 36 students have taken both tests, and 95% of them have earned scores that qualify as high growth. Georgia considers high growth to be when a student’s post-test score is at least 45% higher than his or her pre-test score. Georgia also measures teachers based on student growth. A teacher in Georgia is considered to be “exemplary” if 30% or more of his or her students achieve high growth on an official SPG test. In that light, seeing 95% of my students achieve high growth seems pretty impressive! I think that the Learner Power model is working here to both teach students the curriculum and motivate them to do well. I need to add that the Learner Power test my students take is not an official Georgia SPG test. That test is yearlong, and most of my students only take 1 semester of my class. There haven’t been enough of my students taking my district’s official SPG test to run that data, yet. I believe that my Video 1a pre and post tests are tightly aligned with the Video 1a curriculum. These scores indicate to me that the test is aligned well, and that students are learning the curriculum.


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