Month: July 2014

Major Site Updates for 14-15

I’ve made lots of site upgrades and adjustments to get ready for the new school year. All of this should be ready and working now.

    • 148 new or updated modules
    • re-organized unit order to improve scope and sequence
    • reorganized and expanded CS and GS sections
    • rebuilt project manager to take advantage of faster google sheets
    • complete redesign of careers research project
    • updated all Google Docs to a consistent style, theme, and set of directions for sharing
    • updated all 10 tests to have clearer questions, consistent styling, and better wording
    • added a pre-test to measure student baseline data and help with individualized instruction
    • added a final exam to show student growth
    • updated course tools section of website with lots more links to the most-used tutorials and the handouts

VID1a Beta Testing in 2014-15 School Year

I’m excited to announce that the VID1a course will be beta tested in several classrooms this coming school year. I have tested the modules in my own classroom four times. I’m working on some major revisions right now, especially in the getting started section and the careers project section. Those changes will be in place by August 1st. I’ll also have the curriculum section of the website up and running by that date so that beta testers can see how the Learner Power VID1a curriculum aligns with local, state, and national standards. If you would like to participate in the beta test and have not already informed me then please send an email so that I can add you to the list! VID1b is scheduled to be online and ready to go by January 1st, 2015.